Praise for the book

Praise for the book in the order in which the endorsements arrived with the publisher

If you are already familiar with MIDAS and  interested in rediscovering the powerful trading method developed by the late  Paul Levine, then this will become your book of reference. The authors walk you  through the wonderful MIDAS world and explain its variations with copious charts  and examples. If you are new to the MIDAS method, I recommend first reading the  introductory chapters, then jumping to the very practical, money making, Chapter  8, then applying the principles yourself (computer code is provided in the  appendices). Armed with this knowledge, you will then access the wealth of  information that this book provides in helping you correctly read the  markets.

- Pascal Willain, Independent Trader and Inventor of volume-based  indicators, Author of Value in Time

As the first person to ever write about the Commitments of Traders Report way back in 1973, I have seen the data abused and usually greatly misunderstood. Most people writing on the subject just don’t  understand it and you will be misled. Chapter 12 in this book sets the record straight. I am delighted to give a 100% endorsement, the truth of the COT report  is here, simply stated and easy to understand. Don’t put this book down. Take it  to the checkout and buy it.

- Larry Williams, private trader, author

Coles and Hawkins have masterfully combined the art and science of Technical Analysis into a well-illustrated and comprehensive tome encompassing the MIDAS method. They have captured the essence of Paul Levine’s MIDAS Technical Analysis method and then further expanded it into a new dimension. This book will give any trader the unconventional alternative edge they need to take advantage of the stock market and exploit profits.

- StockShare Publishing LLC

The authors pick up where Levine left off, boldy and competently tackling both the theoretical aspects of Levine’s MIDAS method, as well as providing concrete practical trading applications. There were some delightful diversions as well, including a superb overview of how to  mechanically apply the statistics in the CFTC Commitments of Traders report. It  is a privilege to be sourced on some of the pages, as this book has earned its  reference status.

- Bob English, Austrian Economist, Market Technician, and Trader

The MIDAS curves can be used in any markets over  any timeframe. They are flexible, robust, and powerful. Andrew Coles’ and David  Hawkins’ work on the MIDAS curves is pure gold.

- Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan, Editor, Technical Analysis of STOCKS  & COMMODITIES magazine

In this extremely well-developed book, Hawkins and Coles have drawn together a number of ideas, their own and existing methods,  in order to construct a concise and disciplined method of analysis and trading. I am particularly delighted to see the recognition of volume as a powerful and  often neglected tool. This integration of methods should serve as a profitable tool for those who are willing to do the work to understand why markets move. A  well thought out technical treatise that belongs in the library of any inquiring  technician.

- Richard W. Arms, Author, advisor to institutions, and developer of many  such tools as The Arms Index and Equivolume charting

I started using MIDAS from the time Paul Levine began publishing his articles in instalments. In the intervening years, I have made MIDAS my own. And I did think it was unlikely that Coles’ and Hawkins’ book would bring fresh insights. Boy was I wrong! This is an amazing book. Most books tend to be  practical to the exclusion of the theory -- theory that is so necessary if we are  to adjust a tool when it stops working; or tend to be so theoretical as to be  impractical. MIDAS Technical Analysis straddles both worlds with ease. As a  result, the book is both a reference work and a practical to-do volume. What I  like most about Coles and Hawkins is they have taken Levine’s original idea and  conquered new realms with it: they have incorporated MIDAS with other technical tools so that the work should appeal to traders of many and varied disciplines. In my view, this is a must-have book and it shall certainly occupy a space in my shelves.

- Ray Barros, CEO, BarroMetrics Investments