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Modified VWAP Methodologies

Many months back, a questionnaire for regular site visitors was posted concerning the possibility of a forum where MIDAS users can meet informally and discuss approaches incorporating MIDAS and other technical methods. Regular visitors were overwhelmingly in favour of the forum.

The basis for a forum has been created below. Its basic subdivisions are intraday trading and higher timeframe analysis. These two subdivisions are subdivided in turn into cash forex and futures trading for the intraday category and futures, ETFs, and stock trading for the higher timeframe category. This main subdivision is not definitive and nor are the subsequent subdivisions.

Update early January 2014:- as noted above, visitors were overwhelmingly in favour of the forum and a decision will now be taken in the fairly near future whether to implement it.

Please do not attempt to join the forum at the present time. It is not yet properly constructed nor is the site set up to receive forum members until final adjustments have been made.

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Technical Analysis with MIDAS