Additional biographical note

Brief update on my work on the MIDAS project in relation to other commitments

Unfortunately due to new book-length writing and research projects there is still little time to manage a site forum despite the interest shown in the option when it was discussed again on the site in 2013.

Since the publication of the MIDAS book, my commitment to the MIDAS project has included the development of this new site – with over fifty pages of new essay content – but at the present time new phases of the MIDAS project like the forum and educational resource options such as youtube have had to be put on hold.  

Since the book’s publication I’ve developed two new indicators – the MIDAS/AC Normal Deviation Bands and the MIDAS/AC Quadrating Price Levels – but both remain proprietary at the present time, although their basic rationale and application are discussed in two blog posts in addition to two detailed essays on this site.

Last year (2013) I completed a great deal of new work on my Fourth Generation (Gen-4) MIDAS curves, especially in intermarket contexts. Time permitting I do intend to prepare this work for publication.

Finally, I have worked over the past 12 months with Amir Naser Hojati, a lecturer at The Institute of Economic Research & Development at the University of Tehran on day trading applications of MIDAS curves. Some of this work is based on my Chapter 3 of the MIDAS book; however, there are also new departures. Variations of the system generate automated signals and the points tally in index and certain forex and commodities futures has been impressive. Mr Hojati is aiming at academic publication with the results but we’ll also write summaries of the work for the MIDAS site when time is permitting.

New projects

As far as my new research projects are concerned, one involves a new system of financial forecasting involving breakaway charting methods that cannot be implemented in charting packages currently available. In due course I may write up this research in book format or may instead explore alternative commercial applications, since the forecasting system can be applied quite extensively outside of financial market contexts.

Beyond this, I am involved in a second book-length research project unrelated to the markets with the option of a further similar sized project unrelated to the markets further along the horizon. All of this may mean that writing will be the chief activity over the next few years, although my aim is also to maintain the MIDAS project.