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Modified VWAP Methodologies

About v2 of MIDAS Market Analysis

Updated  site news

May 2013: Andrew Coles has rewritten his introductory essay on MIDAS which first appeared on the previous MIDAS site.

June 2013: Andrew Coles has written a new essay summarising the main developments in the MIDAS project spanning the book and related articles. A version of this essay appeared on the previous MIDAS site in a long blog post written by Andrew Coles. Henceforth essay-length educational material on the MIDAS project will be displayed permanently on site pages and not in Andrew Coles’ blog posts.  

Additional website news, especially over the first few months of this site’s existence, will be posted to the right.

The need for a new site

May 2013: The previous MIDAS Market Analysis website was compromised and had to be taken down.

Previous site email and communication

May 2013: It’s believed that the previous site was compromised first around the time of the book’s publication or just before and that this first compromise infected the site’s email capability. The result is likely to have been either large quantities of email never reaching Andrew Coles and David Hawkins and/or emails that both of us were sending out not being delivered.

As a result, we can only apologise to all those who attempted to communicate and who did not receive a reply.

The current site

May 2013: This new MIDAS site has not been built using Wordpress and should be as robust as any other website devoid of this technology. It retains more or less a similar structure to the old site with the following exceptions:

  1. The introductory MIDAS essay (Essay One), although imported from the previous site, has been rewritten by Andrew Coles. Newcomers to the MIDAS approach are urged to read this essay if they haven’t purchased the book.

  1. There is a new orientation essay (Essay Two) whose rationale is explained in the relevant part of the site. This essay, also written by Andrew Coles, is recommended even to those with a reasonable working knowledge of MIDAS, including those who have read the book.


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